Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Dance once More

How amazed I’ll get

How amazed you make me

Every time you catch my fall

Seems new . . . A whole lot better

Even when I run from you

Even when I hurt me and you

You still reach out

Against all odds for my soul

Never consider me a loss

Never please!

Drown me in your Grace

Keep me in your presence

Let me hold your hands

And have this dance once again


Tuesday, August 10, 2010



I really love the state of absolutes. Though people say absolutes and perfection are not possible. I greatly doubt and once again can disprove that.

Imagine you were playing a game or deal or no deal, or who wants to be a millionaire and if you failed, you have the chance to start from where you failed the next morning with the questions being repeated in the very same order.

Imagine you could rewind every situation and make the best choice.

Imagine having the power to cause things to work for you. Or better still imagine everything worked together for your own good! Would that be perfection? Would that be an absolute cause for victory?

In Romans chapter Eight verse Twenty-Eight, God tells me that all things would work for your good. That is one Absolute. And another one is that God is Love another says with God all things are possible. . . ABSOLUTES! Millions of them in the bible. All in line . . . . with me.

So tell my, if I have to use one absolute per second to make my day right? (That is considering the fact that every one of them can sustain me for a lifetime).

Tell me now. Why isn’t today a good day to succeed. When the LORD Almighty (or All-Powerful) who made the heaven and the earth by words but chose to use his hands to make me, who sits in heaven and has the earth as his foot stole, is guiding my going out and coming in.

Why isn’t today a good day for Success?

Everything is possible

Everything is possible (Preamble)

It’s sort of a good topic to have my 2010 comeback with.

Well just a little preamble. I’m at the Youth With A Purpose (YWAP) Annual BoothCamp Meeting and I’m here to Meet God. No Matter how Cliché-ish this is, it’s the best of terms. And for the first day, (Arrivals – 8th August, 2010) this is it.


I just had those words come to in some vivid terms in my mind. In trying to figure this out, I actually want or wanted to point out a few impossible things. And ladies and Gentlemen, my favorite first –Time Travel. Completely impossible!

That was until I thought of Moses and how he could correctly write the story of creation which I find so totally more acceptable and Believable (and I can prove that) than Evolution or the Big Bang theory (Not the T.V Show by the way). That is one real case of time travel. Or the ability of Daniel, Isaiah, John (and from what I have heard –not researched yet, a couple of disciples whose books didn’t make it into the Bible). They saw the Future and could touch and measure like in the case of Daniel.

After disproving that, any other attempt to point out an impossible thing was futile.

So I went on to see the possible. And what I found is this Philippians Chapter 4 verse thirteen. I call it STEROIDS! Just having that completes it.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is it Christmas

Is it Christmas

Or just another public holiday

As I look at the smiles

As I see the gifts exchanged

And pass mine along

I ask again

Are we just free from work?

And having some time out for the year

Have we missed the point?

Or are we enjoying partially, a full package

Why is it that this feels like the best of periods?

Why do we all feel happy?

I guess it’s the weather

Or maybe the aura. . .

But who is the cause of this aura

who 's fault is all the joy?

I guess again that it confirms the saying . . .

That you fill my heart with joy.

Weather the world likes it or knows it

You bring joy to the world

And not only in carols

Yeah! Its Christmas

Its your day and I’m happy

I’m happy for life

For food and gifts

For Salvation and redemption

For the holiday and the cold weather

Thank you for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm older today

I’m older today and feel the decisions weighing down on me

I look at the future and feel for the past

Trying to hold onto something and yet move forward

My heart isn’t heavy but my thoughts carry a weight

I want to know what to do

I want to see what would happen

I want to understand more and be more understood

At times I though growing up meant I’ll be able to stand tall on my own but the more I advance, the more I understood that it means me being more dependent. How I envy those who can come home every night and have someone there to pour out the weight on. And she just knows what to say, do or undo that would make every bother of the last 10 hours vanish.

I’m older today and men its so cool and hot at the same time. I thank you God for the millions of blessings. I thank you for Her, Me, Cer.Go and the plans in my hand. I just need to say thanks.

Men I’m Older now and it rocks.

Please help me not smash it on the wrong rock

I need to by your grace, work these plans out

To get up and be for you, about

Thanks for the gift of yesterday

I’m sorry for the mistakes of Last year

I look unto you for tomorrow

That this timeline would be one of your favorite reels.

Thank you

. Opaluwah Akor

Monday, November 30, 2009

I miss you

In Every way I try to look at it, it just hurts. I miss you so much and wonder why. I doubt my motives many times . . . or let me say I tried doubting myself but it was futile. I tried pushing it away but it stayed. I tried writing but it came out wrong. So I decided to spill it out like this

I miss you dear friend

I miss our hangout

I miss our chit chat

I miss our chilling at your place

I miss playing with you

I miss driving with you

I miss texting with you

I miss joking with you

I miss telling you stuff

I miss talking about your boyfriend

I miss talking about my girlfriend

I miss talking about my crazy character

I miss making fun with you

I miss writing with you

I miss strolling with you

I miss window shopping with you

I miss confiding in you

I miss your lil’ secrets

I miss being built spiritually by you

I miss talking about God with you

I miss poking your dimples

I miss shaking your head

I miss scattering your hair

I miss tickling you.

Matter of Fact, I miss you.

. raQ

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I need a new Tree

You told me not to touch
I honestly decided not to
Then I wanted to, then I needed to
My hands stretched and so I pointed the reason to her
I’m now stripped and clothed in sheep skin
You never intended for a lesser glory
But I called it fashion
I ought to be truly sorry
And I truly am
But I pointed away again
Because I have to look strong for her
I looked behind my direction of blame and saw u.
Looking down, Standing at our favorite spot
I couldn’t run to you
and talk all evening because I had to be a man
The Man for this woman you gave me
I have to be the man for her
I have to be the man for her. So I’ll take this bite
I’m sorry but can’t act it
I have shifted my eyes to her so to be a man for her
I stand here under this tree . . . No no no
Hide under this tree for her, from you
Because I made this lesser glory and what it comes with a point
Oh! I need a new tree.